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Our team is highly proficient and experienced in multiple disciplines of Engineering, Project Management, 3rd Party Vendor Management, Procurement Services, Subject Matter Experts, Computer Hardware Maintenance, Logistics, Property Management, Drafting, Copier Management, and Technical Publications.

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Project Management
LZT provides highly experienced project managers with leadership capabilities to successfully guide, manage, and support high-visibility initiatives. Our project managers are fully trained to complete the life cycle phases while maintaining/managing risk and communicating them to the customer.
Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Design
MEs design enclosures, mechanisms, and sensors and work closely with EEs, industrial designers, and programmers to craft a product. Their ability to design is a direct result of knowledge about fabrication techniques, manufacturing, and materials; all very vital to risk management and saving our customers money.
Electrical Engineering
Our engineers have the depth that only comes with the constant flow of new and different design tasks. This includes PCBA design. Our EEs have depth in RF, power supply, microcontrollers, sensors, motor control, Dust Networks, Zigbee, WiFi, BlueTooth, and embedded systems.
Software & Firmware
Our FW/SW team has broad embedded experience that only comes with exposure to emerging design challenges. Teamed with MEs and EEs, the right tools, you get a team with real capability to make things work efficiently. Product development is a team sport and programmers are key players!
Procurement Services
LZT’s success and continued focus on customer care and relationships build our reputation as a company that is unmatched in responsiveness, accuracy, timeliness on delivery, and customer satisfaction. Since 2008, our team has procured more than $2.4 million in unique and difficult-to-procure hardware and software items for our customers.
Hardware Maintenance
LZT is currently responsible for computer hardware maintenance with 24/7 support on-site at Johnson Space Center/NASA and multiple customer office locations. We provide workstations, server maintenance services, optional services for mainframes, personal computers, x-terminals, and peripherals that are required to provide the capabilities and attendant management and technical functions that satisfy the requirements of maintaining computer at JSC. Our experience and credibility in this field is the reason we are the company of choice when seeking hardware maintenance support.
Human Assets in Development
  • Our Internship Program provides customers with the opportunity to bring onboard undergraduate college students seeking a 4-year degree in the Science, Technology, and Engineering, and Math disciplines (STEM).  Our internship program recruits year-round. Implementing an internship program provides companies a constant pipeline of future full-time employees.
  • Recruiting and hiring can be an expensive and tedious task for companies. LZT will provide all the pre-screening and for you to choose from an outstanding pool of candidates with high qualifying criteria.
  • Hiring an intern is the most effective way to evaluate their potential as a full-time employee. When companies "try out" interns via a semester or summer, they are able to determine their needs before a possible transition to full-time staff;
  • Our Internship Program provides students numerous real-life benefits: They gain experience, develop skills, make professional connections, strengthen their resumes, learn about an industry, and assess their interest and abilities.
  • Interns bring the knowledge of the latest technology available in academia and communications to the workplace.  Want enthusiasm?  Let us hire an intern for you.

Our Projects

  • Electronic Power Systems
  • Mission Control Center Systems
  • Training Systems
  • Thermal Dynamics
  • Robotics
  • Communication Kiosks
  • Life Support Systems
  • Guidance and Navigation Systems
  • Flight Packing and Integration
  • Parachute Guidance Systems
  • Manufacturing Mockups
  • Machining and Foam Cutting

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