Employee Award Program


The goal of the Employee of the Month Award Program is to recognize and reward individual employees to celebrate their successes.  Employee of the Month recipients contributions will be tied to company goals, and recipients and their accomplishments will be shared with the rest of the company as models of outstanding performance.

This award is intended for individual employees who make exceptional contributions such as providing outstanding service, implementing a new idea which saves significant time or money, completing a significant project, contributing to the success of a team initiative or contributing above and beyond what is expected.



Significant individual contributions that result in:
  • Reduced expenses
  • Lower costs
  • Improved profitability


Customer Service

  • Providing outstanding customer service
  • Working above and beyond normal expectations
  • Improving timeliness and/or quality of service


Operational/Efficiency Improvement

  • Developing and/or implementing ideas that improve internal work processes



Strategic and Organizational Development

  • Building outstanding relationships
  • Making substantial strides to obtain needed skills/competencies
  • Significant contributions to the learning and development of LZ Technology employees

If you have any questions, please contact Jerry Haden, LZT Human Resources Manager

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